Award Winning Designers


I’ve always know this about Santa Fe… most people are here by choice verses default. It is certainly true for me. Born and raised in New Mexico, I left Santa Fe at age 17 for opportunities Santa Fe could not provide.

The salt of my family settled in NM roughly 300 years ago. A doctor, a man who would became sheriff and a midwife. Their descendants and their children continued in ranching and farming. Carving out a good life beyond the droughts, wild boar attacks, rattlesnakes in remote locations. My folks became teachers in Santa Fe. My father, at the School for the Deaf, and my mother at Wood-Gormley and Nava Elementary School.

Being back in Santa Fe has not been easy. The people I knew moved away. Where I had trust in my business in San Diego CA for 20 years has been slow to grow and hard won here. Add in, single parent, child in college, aging parents and I wonder why leisure time is hard to find?


Few people realize (maybe) winning awards means you pay money to get them. Through a membership, an organization you support financially, a place where you volunteer your time, or ultimately a competition you pay to enter. 

It came as a great surprise when I won an award I didn’t pay for.

Chosen by merit, my trip, hotel, and stay for an international conference of 44 brokers for GoDaddy was gifted. It was, and still is a memorable event. The glass ceiling broke. Men from the Netherlands, China, the US wanted to have a conversation with me! Weirdly sudden, wonderfully contrasting, I experienced what it felt like to be respected by one’s peers.


I’m making Santa Fe my permanent home. I love it here. I’ve joined the Plein Air Painters of New Mexico and looking forward to bringing the sky, clouds and land I grew up in on to my canvas!


Winning awards in Santa Fe feels great. In this image, BlueLink IT owner Dharam Khalsa, is giving me an award for bringing new business owners to a meeting with other business owners last week. I like to call it a connector award. Helping people beyond marketing is something I have always aspired to.

My Son and Father. Aren’t they handsome?!